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the official front page of the festival
5o Ziria Music Festival
unfortunatelly in greek

the place
Mountainous landforms Highland Hill Mountain Geological phenomenon
our camping place
Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Motorcycling Adventure
inside the cave nearby thanks to
SPELEO Caving Club

Caving Formation Cave Adventure Geology
Caving Formation Cave Geological phenomenon Geology
Caving Rescuer Blue-collar worker Miner Cave
Geological phenomenon Formation Cave Caving Geology
Mountainous landforms Mountain Highland Hill station Nature
events during the day
Guitar String instrument String instrument Musician Music
night concerts
Wilderness Male Grass Tourism Recreation
Musical instrument Drum Musician Music Drums
Product Musical instrument
It was really cold on 1600 altitude
Fire Heat Flame Campfire Light
On the way back
Mountainous landforms Sky Vegetation Nature Mountain
Sky Cloud Daytime Atmospheric phenomenon Atmosphere

keep on rolling

Road Sky Mountainous landforms Highland Mountain

The song which the guitarist is playing the time I took the photo was the one that I thing represents the festival

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Looks great Jokey
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